Considering Straying From Your Catholic Dating Limitations?

Catholics often face temptations throughout their lives. Skipping Mass on Sundays, seeing that movie that is far too explicit and even not doing enough to promote their beliefs to others are all common mistakes that people make. Yet, what about dating? Do you date outside of the Catholic element? More so, do you do things on your date that you know is not what the Lord expects from you? It happens but it should be something you work hard to avoid.

Thinking It Is Too Hard

The pressures from society often lead individuals to believe that dating within the Catholic limitations is just too hard and unreasonable to do. Yet, it is something that should be done and you know that. So, why are you considering dating in other ways?

While any of these may be what is racing through your head, the reasons for sticking with your Catholic dating limitations can be much more numerous. First, Christians believe in these limitations as a way to protect themselves and to keep themselves pure for the one sole person whom they will share their life with. Catholics also believe that they will serve God before anyone else and therefore the sins of the flesh are not worth the risks and punishments that are unavoidable.

But, It Is Hard

Even though you may know these things, you still feel that dating is difficult as a Catholic. How can you find someone who meets all of these demands and is still someone you want to be around for the rest of your life? Here are some tips to help you to find your answers.

  1. Look for Catholics who are also struggling in the way that you are. There are many who want the same things you do, but finding them means more looking.
  2. Use online services to help you to find other Catholics dating and looking for a partner. Many of those who use these services are in the same position you are: they are frustrated with dating those in their immediate circle. They are not ugly or weird. They are simply lost like you are.
  3. Know that the benefits of waiting far outweigh the bad aspects.

If you do choose to stray outside the limits of Catholic dating, realize that what you find may be too good to last. For example, you may find yourself head over heels in a relationship that promises to be fantastic. Yet, because of their lack of Catholic upbringing, the person you thought you were with is not the person you are with. They lied, hurt you or otherwise were dishonest.

On the other hand, if you invest a bit more time in finding the right Catholic person to date, chances are good you will find a lasting, happy relationship you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

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